Taking care of your outside is what we do, but we also want to take care of you on a deeper level.

Self-care starts from the inside. And we are here for you with our various spiritual, astrological and holistic services.

Also, all products used are still Vegan, Canadian made and sustainable.

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Woman Cleaning Furniture

Chakras are very important energy portals within our beings, and need attention and care just like exercise and good sleep. Discover our various Chakra services we have to offer.


Who are you? Why do you do the things you do? And if you knew, how can you use it to your benefit? The study of astrology and the zodiac can answer many questions you have about yourself, your relationships and more.


Life is a mystery. But sometimes, we could use a little clarity to light our way. We use a mix of tarot, oracle, gemstones and runes to help shine some of that mystic light.


Stress may be in the mind, but it has physical effects on the body. Our holistic body services are here to help ease the physical stress and cleanse away toxins from your head to your toes.


There are hidden powerful properties to crystals. They vibrate great healing energy. 


Our homes are filled with it's own energy, and just like everything else in your life, they deserve the best treatment and care. And our combination of professional and holistic cleaning is here for you.