ORGANICS BY HEATHER - Organic Cotton Soap Sleeve

  • A must have for the whole family! Slip your favourite soap into a cozy soft organic cotton soap sleeve and lather up. When done hang your soap sleeve up to dry with your soap in it or simply remove the soap prior to drying.

    Make bathing exciting for your kids. Your kids will love using this product, especially if they choose their favourite soap to place inside.


    Fabric has some stretch and is able to accommodate various soap sizes, or save the life of your soap and cut it in half or quarters prior to placing it into the soap sleeve.

    ♦ Free of chemicals, toxins and dyes

    ♦ Handmade in St. Thomas, Ontario Canada.

    ♦ Organic Cotton fabric is imported, grown, milled and spun from the United States

    ♦ All products are sewn with organic cotton thread sourced from Peru.

    ♦ Product labels are made with organic cotton. A non-toxic water-based ink is used in the printing of the labels, which is printed in London, Ontario.

    ♦ All of Organics by Heather finished products comply with Health Canada’s Flammability requirements set out in Canada’s Textile Flammability Regulations for general textile products. They also comply with Canada’s Textile Labelling requirements.