THE QUEEN V - Vegan for the World

  • -Vegan for the World- 


    Time to show your vegan side with our new Vegan for the World crystal bracelet.

    These crystals has been selected with the two official vegan flags in mind.

    The White represents peace among us.

    White Howlight is used to promote patience (which let's face it...we all need as vegans)

    The Blue represents all sea and air animals.

    The Green represents all land animals.

    The Lapiz Lazulis combines these two colors and works on both your throat and heart chakras.

    The helps you speak your truth and find your voice to speak out for animal rights.

    The soothes your heart and helps heal pain, while supporting compassion which is definitely something we need!

    The Black is taken from the Vegan Warrior flag.

    Black Onyx gives strength and grounding as we stay firm in our resolve to a plant-based lifestyle.