THE QUEEN V - The Crystal Nebula

  • -The Crystal Nebula- 


    An exclusive, and limited-edition set; designed and handcrafted by The Queen V herself. 


    Exactly as it sounds, our newest creation will help bring you to a whole new level of spiritual awakening and boost your imagination to interstellar heights! 


    Amethyst connects you to the divine and opens your metaphysical abilities. It works with your Third Eye Chakra, boosting intuition and wisdom. 


    Blue Goldstone, while a man-made stone, is made by Italian monks with techniques used over a millennium and a secret recipe never revealed. This stone has copper which boosts healing and energy within your body.  


    Blue Druzy bring extra energy, light and joy into your life while simultaneously relieving stress. 


    Aquamarine has abundant healing properties and works with both your Heart and Throat Chakra to bring truth, love and peace to you.  


    The final touch is a sweet Starburst Charm to help light your path through the galaxies! 


    Wear this to bring a sense of wonder, intuition, joy and creation to your life as your spirit soars with it!