THE QUEEN V - Cardinal Snowfall Set of 4 Reusable Napkins

  • Cardinal Snowfall - A sweet collection for every Carnidal bird lover otu there in 4 different colors, so everyone knows who's napkin belong to whom!


    Everybody is looking to reduce their carbon footprint and have a more zero-waste lifestyle.
    But who says you can't do it with a little personality too?!

    Doubled-sided, hand-sewn with 100% cotton thread. Made individually with love and care.

    Set of 4 napkins, each with a different base color so everyone knows who's napkin is who's. 
    Pretty smart if you ask me!

    Easy to care for. Just throw into your washer and dryer as per usual settings. If you have a tough stain, try a natural stain stick, like the ones sold on our online shop

    The set includes:
    4 double ply hand-sewn napkins make from 100% cotton fabric.

    12" x 12"