*One tablet for 500ml of cleaning solution.

Does NOT include bottle

OLA BAMBOO - All-Purpose Cleaning Tablet

    • One tablet for 500 ml of All-Purpose Cleaner
    • Bamboo and tangerine scent
    • Natural, vegan, biodegradable product
    • When mixed with water, it yields 500 ml of cleaning agent
    • Eliminate hundreds of plastic bottles
    • Made in Canada in collaboration with the company Filo
    • Comes in compostable paper packaging

    The all-purpose cleaning tablet helps you keep your home spotless while avoiding hundreds of plastic bottles. It will leave a sweet, fresh citrus and bamboo scent. Plus, it’s a natural, vegan, biodegradable product—that’s good for your health and the planet.

    Ideal for the kitchen, bathroom and all other surfaces.

    And if you're considering the purchase of a tablet vs ready made, remember, when you buy a liquid cleaner...you are mostly paying for water. Because cleaning products are 95% water!