Okku Design - Gonna Cashew Seeded Card

  • Gabriela Cortez for Okku Design Presents:

    The Veggie Vibe Seeded Card Collection


    Based in Toronto, ON, Okku Design specializes in cards with unique designs, printed on plantable paper embedded with wildflower seeds.

    A beautiful way to send a message to someone, and also allows for a second life for those who prefer to 'let go' of their cards rather than storing them.

    These cards house a mix of wildflowers such as:

    English Daisy

    Bird's Eye


    Black-eyed Susan




    This particular collection was created by Gabriela Cortez, A.K.A The Queen V through watercolor medium. 

    A cute, sweet and playful collection surrounding some yummy vegan favorites to send various messages to friends, family or flame.