LEAFII - Claire Convertible Clutch in Sand

  • Practical, versatile and oh so eco-chic. This little leaf bag can switch from a crossbody, to a clutch and back to a wallet. A true 3-in-1


    Inside you'll find 4 card slots, a zipper section, 2 long slots an an open middle compartment.


    Leafii uses Take leaves from Thailand, that have already fallen off the trees. There may also be some light, low level clipping but we do not cut the trees. The beautiful thing is that leaves are easily regenerated.

    They are then coated with a layer of BOPP to protect them from water and wear. The material is worked with by hand to ensure durability. 


    This leaf is strong, durable nd softens over time like leather...without hurting any animals!


    *Each item varies in design and color as per the natural nature of the leaves and may not be exactly as the one shown.